Giving Grace

While driving home work yesterday I experienced a moment where I was confronted with two choices. I could either get mad and take it to the extreme, or I could let it go and give grace.

I was coming up to a red light in the right lane. In the left lane were two Safelite Glass work vans. As I was coming up, braking up the light, one of the vans did a last second signal to get over next to his coworker. He didn’t see me and it was too late for me to stop. He turned over and his bumper caught the side of my car. I heard the hit as I came to a stop. It wasn’t loud. We both got out and I didn’t see any damage at first. We were on an overpass bridge so we decided to pull up a little further in order to get out of traffic.

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An Open Letter To A Friend

How do you respond when those whom you love, and who are supposed to love you, attack your faith?

This question was recently presented before me by an old friend from when I lived in New York. He asked this to me, and knowing some of his family background and what he has been through, I knew exactly what he meant, despite not talking for several years. It’s a delicate question, regardless of the situations behind it. I want to answer it the right way, and I told him as much. I’ve spent a couple days praying about my response. The best way I know to speak is through my writing. This is an open letter to my friend and to anyone else who may be going through a similar situation.

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