01.02.2021 – What “Adoption” Really Means

The Eastern concept of adoption goes deeper than our Western concept.

Dr. J.D. Watson

The Greek word for adoption is huiothesia (G5206), and it literally means “son-placing”. It is borrowed from a Roman custom, in which a public ceremony is held during a child’s teenage years. It is in this ceremony in which the child, who possesses nothing and has no rights of their own, is officially declared a member of the family. Suddenly, the child is given the mantle of son (or daughter) and is bestowed with every privilege and responsibility of being a member of that family. The relationship between parent and child doesn’t change, but the position does. Now the child bears the identity of a son, an heir to his parents legacy.

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01.01.2021 – Word Of The Day

What better way to step into a brand new year than to be reminded to “sing a new song” every day?

Like many others, this first day of 2021 is the start of a new devotion for me. This year, in preparation for a summer outreach trip to Israel to cement our first year at Christ for the Nations Institute, I am doing a Hebrew and Greek Word Study devotional by Dr. J.D. Watson. The word for January 1st in the Hebrew study is “New Song”.

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