Godly Living Begins At Home

Living in God’s will, living for God, begins at the moment we say “yes” to God, repenting of our sinful ways and accepting the precious gift of Jesus Christ into our hearts as our personal Lord and Savior. This relationship, like any relationship we have, needs to be maintained. How we act in other relationships often determines how our walk with God is going. Our life both inside and outside of our homes often determines what is really inside of our hearts. What happens “behind closed doors” – how a husband treats his wife, how parents teach their children – shapes a person’s walk with God.

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Quiet My Soul

I sat down this morning with my Bible and opened it up to the passage that has been massaging my heart as of late – Psalm 121. I read the Psalm and was about to reflect on it when I realized I couldn’t remember what I had just read. I read it so fast it just blew through my head, in one ear and out the other so to speak.

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The Day the World Became Smaller

I had just turned 12 the day America was attacked. I was na├»ve to the world, having just started 7th grade in the “big school” and trying to find my place among my friends and classmates. But on September 11, 2001 I realized that the rest of the world was a lot closer than I thought.

I was in band class when the announcement came over the PA system – we had been attacked. We were playing “Phantom of the Opera” and I was on drums. We paused for the announcement and stood in awe for several moments afterward. There was no television in the band room. Not wanting to scare us, our band teacher had us continue playing for the rest of the class, but it had a different tone to it. We were all distracted, wondering what these attacks meant. Why did they happen?

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