“Tracy is on a passionate pursuit of God on her journey to knowing Him better and deeper. Her writing captures not only her journey, but a teachable heart and spirit desiring to learn as she travels through various seasons in life. May you enjoy the view from her mountain, and find encouragement for your journey along the way as well.”
Dr. Rus D. Jeffrey,  Encouraging, Empowering & Equipping

“During the fourteen years I was playing electric guitar on the Rocky Mountain worship team, I was always thrilled when Tracy was the sound engineer that particular weekend. I knew she would create a great mix and find a proper balance for all of the instruments and voices involved. That illustration exemplifies Tracy perfectly. From her military service to our country, to writing her views from the mountain top, she seeks excellence in everything she does. I was privileged to lead a small group in which she and her husband, Mitchell, were an important part. Her still, small voice would often peek out from behind much louder voices and she would share her deepening wisdom and spiritual insights to our great delight. I love her heart and friendship.”
– Richard Geppinger, One Street Off Main