Book Review: Fearfully and Wonderfully – The Marvel of Bearing God’s Image

About the Book

Fearfully and Wonderfully: The Marvel of Bearing God’s Image is an updated and combined edition of two books previously collaborated by author Philip Yancy and his mentor, orthopedic and humanitarian surgeon Dr. Paul Brand. Although Dr. Brand passed away in 2003, Philip Yancey decided that the times we live in today called for a reprint of these two previous works into a combined and updated edition. In a world where everyone is searching for their identity and what makes them who they are, this book explains the details of the human body and how we are a reflection of our Creator, and how the Body of Christ is called to come together and reflect His image as one body. No part of the body, no matter how small or how hidden is less significant than another. Dr. Brand’s discoveries as a leprosy doctor in India show just how important each piece of the body is, and Philip Yancey also weaves in the importance of each one in the Body of Christ throughout the book.

About the Authors

Dr. Paul Brand

Dr. Paul Brand (1914–2003) grew up in India, studied medicine in London, and practiced orthopedic surgery in India and the United States. He achieved world renown for his innovative techniques in the treatment of leprosy. He wrote Clinical Mechanics of the Hand, still considered a classic in the field of hand surgery, as well as The Gift of Pain (coauthored with Philip Yancey) and God’s Forever Feast.

Before his death in 2003, he received many honors, including the prestigious Albert Lasker Award and appointment as Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Philip Yancey

Philip Yancey has written twenty-five books. Early on he crafted best-selling books such as Disappointment with God and Where Is God When It Hurts? while also editing The Student Bible. More recently, he has explored central issues of the Christian faith, penning award-winning titles such as The Jesus I Never KnewWhat’s So Amazing About Grace?, and Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?

Yancey’s books have garnered thirteen Gold Medallion Awards from Christian publishers and booksellers. He currently has more than fifteen million books in print, published in over forty languages worldwide. Yancey worked as a journalist in Chicago for some twenty years, editing the youth magazine Campus Life while also writing for a wide variety of magazines including Reader’s DigestSaturday Evening PostNational Wildlife, and Christianity Today.

*Author biographies taken from InterVarsity Press.

Book Review

Fearfully and Wonderfully: The Marvel of Bearing God’s Image takes on a journey of discovery of the human body through the experiences and medical discoveries of Dr. Paul Brand and his work, particularly with his patients with leprosy in India and the United States. The book is written from Dr. Brand’s perspective, gathered by Philip Yancy from journals and through his own conversations with Dr. Brand.

Through the discoveries of cells from his leprosy patients, Dr. Brand discovered just how intricately each member of the body – from the tiniest cell to the largest organ – work together to form a human. Each member plays a vital part, of which the rest of the body cannot function as it is supposed to without. This book takes us on a journey of discovery of the human body. Just like Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 12 that one member is no less important than another just because they are less “visible”, so the human body cannot function without each organ, cell, and part being able to function the way it was designed.

Fearfully and Wonderfully:The Marvel of Bearing God’s Image can be purchased on IVP, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Enjoy the Read!

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