Finish The Walk

This poem was written in honor of the memory of Command Sergeant Major John Podhirny. CSM Podhirny was killed in a motorcycle accident two weeks after retiring from the Colorado Army National Guard. His last command was Battalion Command Sergeant Major of the 147th Brigade Support Battalion.

This poem comes from a special memory in my military career when CSM Pod encouraged me during my competition in the 2016 Colorado National Guard Best Warrior Competition. I had no chance to win, but I wasn’t there to win. I was there to better myself. CSM Pod saw that drive in me and encouraged me as I kept fighting until the end, when I could finally rest. His belief in me, as a young soldier, gave me strength to keep going until the finish line.

Finish the Walk

I wasn’t the fastest,
I wasn’t the strongest,
In reality, I didn’t really belong.
You saw my heart,
My determination and pure grit,
You knew what I’d already overcome.
You knew if I was there
Nothing would keep me from the finish.
It wasn’t a competition for them.
It was me against myself.

The finish line nears,
Though I still can’t quite see it.
I’m the last one out,
But I won’t stop yet.
I’m not stopping ’til I’m done,
There’s time to rest later.
I see you at the next corner,
You smile when I get there.
“Come on, let’s finish this together,”
And you stay beside me to finish the walk.


Remembering the View,
Tracy D.

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