My View From The Mountaintop

Life is a series of transitions. We are always moving, working towards our next goal, the next step in our lives, moving forward and rarely looking back, or even pausing to enjoy the moment.

It seems the more transitions going on at once, the cloudier the vision becomes. We get overwhelmed and barely make it from day-to-day with no idea what is really going on. We lose sight of the bigger picture, and sometimes it causes us to veer off course from our goals.

My life has been a series of transitions for the past several months. I returned home from a military deployment to the Middle East and was immediately thrust into the throes of wedding planning, finding a place to live, finding a new job, and starting school again. All of this while healing scars and building myself back up on my foundation in Jesus Christ. I came home shaken, but desperately wanting to come back stronger as I prepared for a new chapter of my life called marriage.

I got sidetracked, in the midst of everything going on. I found it hard to figure out where to put my focus, including my time with God. It wasn’t a consistent thing anymore, and I knew it was missing. However, time always seemed to get away from me and the days passed by before I realized.

Now being a couple months in to marriage, life is beginning to settle back into a rhythm and my vision is gaining clarity. What was a jumbled mess in my head of hopes and dreams, goals to accomplish and things to do, is now becoming better organized and clearer. Even this website has been an ongoing project of cloudy and clear visions. However, God has been faithfully working through all the details and now I am beginning to see the pieces come together. It is a continual process, but life is a journey and I am along for the ride. So far, it’s been a pretty good view from the top of my little mountaintop in this world. I can’t wait to see the view expand as I learn to pause before my God and listen to His voice above all, and follow His guidance in this world.

There are more things to come, but I want to leave today’s post with a devotional thought that came across my newsfeed this morning from “The Pleasure of His Company” by Dutch Sheets:

No matter how hectic your life has become, slow down for a few minutes each day and listen to Him. Get off the treadmill of life and spend some quality time enjoying the pleasure of His Company. Let nothing stop you. With childlike simplicity, hang out with God.” (Page 62.)


Enjoy the view,

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