Does the Bell Ring for You?

Last night for our life group, we watched The Polar Express. It was a relaxing time of being together, sipping some hot chocolate, snacking on some popcorn and pumpkin bread which watching a feel good movie. Watching the little boy trying to believe throughout the whole movie, searching for the visual proof, and then finally coming to believe before catching a glimpse of Santa Claus. It’s a representation of the search we are on throughout our lives as we search for hope and belief, wondering if we should believe what we don’t see. As I said last night as the credits rolled, “This movie makes me feel good every time I watch it”.

As we prepared to depart for the night, with smiles and laughter on our faces, we came together in prayer. One line struck me as we stood together. “Father, may Your bell always ring for us.” May we always believe in the hope we hold in our heart of the everlasting life and love of our Heavenly Father. May we always remember the love of Jesus Christ when we came down to be born of a virgin, to live a sin free life here on earth, to willingly follow God’s plan and take up His cross as a sacrifice for our sins. He did all of this so we can be reconciled to our Abba Father forever.

Does the bell ring for you today? Do you believe in the hope and love of Jesus Christ as we celebrate the season of His birth? Or are you hurting and wandering, still searching to see if it could really be true? You don’t have to take my word for it, but I ask you today, if you are hurting and questioning, open your heart to the things unseen and look upon the wonder of the season. It’s more than just pretty lights and decorating trees. There’s a wonder in the air, an anticipation of Who is coming…the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ – Emmanuel, “God with us”. It’s a season of celebration every year “When Christmas Comes to Town”.

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