Anticipation, Withdrawl, Detachment and a Good, Good Father

During this pre-mobilization period of training I have been away from home, but not quite gone. We have full days and busy weeks, with time off on the weekends to spend with family. This has meant a lot of extra goodbyes, and it has made the transition harder.

I live far away from where the base where we train, which means I stay there during the week. I can focus during the week, but going home for the weekend means I have to switch gears all the time. It’s an in-between transition period on the road toward deployment, and I find myself withdrawn and detached at home. I miss my family and friends, but I know the mission at hand and I am focused on doing my part to accomplish the mission. I am ready to move forward toward the mission and constantly switching gears makes staying focused hard on a soldier. It’s an emotional cycle of deployment. I know things will be fine at home, which gives me peace of mind so I can focus on the mission in front of me. When the mission is accomplished over there I can come home and rejoin my loved ones at home. But until that time comes when the mission is successfully accomplished I need to be able to fully focus so that I can come home. I am blessed because I know that my family will be fine while I am gone; God has His protective hand over all of us. He has blessed me with a support group that allows me to go over with peace of mind. I am covered by so many prayers, and so are those I am leaving behind at home. With a set heart, I am ready to go and fully confident because of my God who goes before me, stands beside me and stands behind me watching my six.

Good Good Father

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