When It Feels Perfect, But You Have To Wait

Waiting is never fun. Waiting on a situation that feels absolutely perfect is even less fun. But do we really know what’s best for ourselves? Is it really going to be the best thing possible for us? We never know for sure, and the grass is always greener on the other side.

This is the situation my fiancé and I find ourselves in right now. We recently began the search for a house where we will build our lives together. Almost from the very beginning we spotted one that looks absolutely perfect. Just the right size for a young couple who wants to build a family down the road. The price was right, and the homeowners were willing to do a rent-to-own for the first year or so because of the unique situation of me being gone for Army work. We did all the right steps, sought counsel from our elders and felt a peace about the house.

But now we are in a waiting game. The homeowners have two other offers we are competing with. We were disappointed, but know ultimately it is God’s decision. Is this the house for us? Maybe. We would like it to be, if that is what God has planned for us. But maybe God has something better for us. We don’t know for sure. All we can do, all we are doing, is trusting in His ways. He knows what He is doing and He will work it out. We don’t need to stress the details.

No matter how the situation turns out, I am at full and complete peace. I know who my Provider is, and He knows so much more than I do. He will take care of us and give us exactly what we need at just the right time.

This is the house we are looking at and praying for. God’s will all the way.



“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.” ~ Isaiah 55:8

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