Giving Grace

While driving home work yesterday I experienced a moment where I was confronted with two choices. I could either get mad and take it to the extreme, or I could let it go and give grace.

I was coming up to a red light in the right lane. In the left lane were two Safelite Glass work vans. As I was coming up, braking up the light, one of the vans did a last second signal to get over next to his coworker. He didn’t see me and it was too late for me to stop. He turned over and his bumper caught the side of my car. I heard the hit as I came to a stop. It wasn’t loud. We both got out and I didn’t see any damage at first. We were on an overpass bridge so we decided to pull up a little further in order to get out of traffic.

Once we were safely off to the side of the road we got out again. I looked at my car and almost wanted to start laughing. I had a scrape across my driver side door, but no dent. I honestly think that it scraped off more winter grime that mountain snow storms have put on my car than it did the actual paint. I walked over to his van and there wasn’t any damage there either. Maybe a couple paint scrapes, but it was an older work van that had several other scrapes from normal use. He got out his insurance information, but I told him that I wasn’t worried about it. Looking at my car, it wouldn’t be anything worth pursuing an insurance claim about. My car is older and there are several scrapes that have been on it since I got it anyway. The same with his work van. He wasn’t even sure if any of the marks were new or not. We decided to exchange phone numbers, just in case, but I don’t foresee needing to use it at all. We shared more laughs than anything during our time on the side of the road. A little later, I went out to get a closer look and I’m pretty sure it really did clean off more winter grime than anything.

I could have chosen to continue the exchange of insurance information and gone through the process. He had a giant blind spot on his van and it would have been his at fault, but it wouldn’t have been worth it. There was no damage to either vehicle. It just happened. We’ve all made not-so-smart decisions. Sometimes we get away with it, sometimes we have to deal with the consequences. This was a moment where it could have gone either way. It was on me this time and I chose to let it go. If anything, it will be a story down the road to tell. No harm, no foul. It could have been a bad situation, but it wasn’t. It ended up being more of a time of laughter as we shared a conversation before continuing on each of our missions.

“Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful.” – Luke 6:36, NKJV

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