The Murph Challenge 2018

In the CrossFit world, several exercises are named in honor of fallen heroes – military, police, and firefighters. Every year on Memorial Day we do The Murph, a very challenging benchmark workout.

This year was my third year doing it. Last year I did it while serving overseas. I don’t remember what my times were anymore, but I have yet to do the “full” version of it – which is completing the entire workout while wearing a 20# weight vest. I will next year.

Memorial Day almost snuck up on me this year. I have only recently begun getting my motivation back as I’ve been learning how to overcome my depression, anxiety, and ADD. I’m no longer at the top of my game and am finding myself building up my fitness…again. It seems to be the constant struggle, motivated to be fit and healthy and struggling to get through the busyness of life. However, I knew I had to do the Murph this year for my fallen brothers and sisters.

I did it on Saturday, and it wasn’t pretty. I had to scale, I got slow, but I didn’t stop. I kept going until the end, determined to finish as one small way to remember the ones who never made it home, the ones no longer with us. My body can handle a little bit of pain for one hour, some soreness for a couple days afterward, in order to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. The ones who never made it home. I made it home. I need to remember them. So this workout was for them. It wasn’t pretty, but I did it.

My time was 1:08:15. Not great, especially considering I did it without a weight vest. However, I wasn’t concerned about my time this year. I wanted to finish. This year, it’s a symbol of recovery. A time of overcoming and coming back. A first step toward the future and whatever comes next.

My first mile was an okay time. I did assisted pull-ups, went to my knees on the push-ups, and I’m sure my squats were looking pretty sad as I got closer to the end. I ended up walking most of the second mile, but I finished and that’s what mattered to me. It was my way to honor and remember those no longer with us, but still in my heart.

Running The Murph Preview

The Murph 2018 is my first benchmark in my new Creative and Healthy Living lifestyle. The view only gets better from here as I continue to get healthy and strong – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Life is a journey, and I want to be able to enjoy the view around me no matter what life tries to throw at me. Follow along on my journey, and I hope you can join me along the way so we can journey together.

Enjoy the View,
Tracy D.

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